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Fate/ Extra licenciado en Europa.

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1Fate/ Extra licenciado en Europa. Empty Fate/ Extra licenciado en Europa. el Jue 19 Ene 2012 - 16:21


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Ghostlight, empresa conocida por traer a europa jrpgs de PSP como Persona 3 Portable, Persona 2: Innocent Sin o Trails in the Sky ha anunciado version europea de este jrpg basado en Fate/Stay Night. Os pongo el anuncio original:

While it’s taken a little longer then we planned I’m delighted to announce that Ghostlight will be bringing Imagepooch and TYPE-MOON’s fantastic RPG Fate/EXTRA to the PAL region on PSP later this year. Fate/Extra takes place in a parallel universe to that of the hugely popular Japanese visual novelFate/Stay Night.


Waking up in a strange virtual world with no recollection of the past, the main character finds themselves forced to fight for survival in a war they do not understand for a prize beyond value; the opportunity to have one’s wish granted. With only an enigmatic “Servant” by their side, the protagonist will have to face both friends and foes in battles to the death in order to not only gain possession of a mysterious object known as the “Holy Grail,” but also to find the answer to the most important question of all: “Who am I?”

•Intuitive, Fast-paced BattleSystem: Using Break, Attack, and Guard abilities in combination with powerful Special Moves and Code Casts, players are required to plan out their attacks to effectively counter their opponent’s moves and emerge victorious from potentially deadly encounters.
•Engrossing Story: Written by the creator of the original Fate series of PC games, Kinoko Nasu, the story ofFate/EXTRA will not only appeal to long time fans of the Fate universe, via the inclusion of many familiar characters, but will also appeal to RPG fans looking for a deep, non-formulaic storyline that delves into such mature themes as loyalty, death, love, and what it means to be human.
•Extensive replay value: Multiple story paths, each with their own unique dialog trees and character interactions that lead to different endings.

“Aha!”, some of you are probably saying. “This doesn’t match one of the clues you gave out last year!” And, of course, you’d be right. The clue: “It’s part of a Japanese franchise which has seen a few releases in Europebefore, although never on this format”, was incorrect. As MaroonSkein points out in the Comments, there was in fact a Fate fighting game released previously on PSP which I managed to completely forget about. This clue was meant to refer to the UK release of the Fate/Stay Night anime. The second clue did still work though, as the history of our world has been altered somewhat to create the setting for Fate/EXTRA.

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Saldrá el 4 de Mayo en la clásica edición especial de Ghostlight, al precio de 39'99 euros. Poco después saldrá en PSN.

3Fate/ Extra licenciado en Europa. Empty Re: Fate/ Extra licenciado en Europa. el Jue 12 Abr 2012 - 21:15


Amante de los JRPGs
Tengo que probar el juego, ya que las imágenes que vi no tenían mala pinta.

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